Child Protection & Safeguarding Training Courses

Whatever your training requirements, I shall endeavor to help you.

I am a confident trainer and keep myself up to date with my own learning through reading and attending training days provided by other organisations (e.g. Lucy faithful Foundation/Child and Family Therapy/Nagalro). I have also attended over a period of 2 years the postgraduate certificate in the therapeutic arts. I have a background in working with domestic violence; adults with mental health needs and I have been a qualified social worker since 1990 (working with children and families).

I would be able to devise a programme once I establish what are your particular training needs. I can then put together a programme and a handout pack, ready for delivery.

Current Training Courses Offered

These courses can be amended (bespoke) and can be varied on time/length too.

1. Safeguarding and assessment

  • Safeguarding/procedures (levels 2/3 and 4/5)
  • Recording and report writing
  • The role of the social worker (1 or 2 day)
  • Analysis and risk assessment/signs of safety (1/2/3/4 day course)
  • Learning from serious case reviews and understanding dangerous care

2. Development and direct work

  • Child development/attachment, trauma and brain development (1 or 2 day)
  • Communication/ direct work with children (1 or 2 day)
  • Attachment and loss - application to practice

3. Core safeguarding subjects

  • Working with neglect
  • Working with emotional abuse
  • Working with domestic violence
  • Understanding mental health
  • Understanding and working with teenage domestic violence
  • Children who sexually abuse others assessment and treatment
  • Working with sexual abuse (familial)
  • Understanding and working with sexual exploitation and sexual trafficking
  • Working with substance misuse
  • Disabled children and safeguarding
  • Working with race, culture and belief systems in safeguarding
  • Honour based violence, forced marriage and female genital mutilation

4. Skillset

  • Working with difficult to engage families/having difficult conversations/violence and aggression/working with disguised compliance/Motivational interviewing techniques and Signs of Safety
  • Direct assessment techniques with families to explore the AF and parenting
  • Direct work with children (see above)

5. Others

  • Supervision
  • Team building
  • Train the trainer

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