Many authorities do not wish to be recognised on my website. I am happy to provide proof of testimonials if asked for.

Safeguarding Level 3
Croydon: April 2019

Dear Rahana,
Thank you very much for an excellent safeguarding training which was informative, stimulating and thought provoking. Your delivery and practical application was exceptional and on what is a very difficult and sensitive topic was delivered with sensitivity. I have had to attend various Safeguarding training over the years and I have to say this was one of the best ones I have attended. Please could you send me the PowerPoint for this session as I found it invaluable.

Kind Regards
Mrs Jane Bloxsome
School Nurse/ RGN/SCPHNHV
Old Farleigh Road, Selsdon, South Croydon, CR2 8YB

Forced Marriage and Honor Based Crimes
Richmond and Kingston: March 2019

Thank you for today’s Forced Marriage and HBV teaching session – It was so informative and well led. It would be so helpful if you could send me a copy of the slides, including the risk assessment tools.

Thanks again,

Rebecca Edwards
Richmond Team
Kingston Hospital Foundation Trust, Galsworthy Road, Kingston, T2 7QB
t: 0208 934 3316 | m: 07823 402964

Child Development, Trauma and Attachment into Practice
Camden Social Care: Feb 2019

Would it be possible to get the learning resources from the child development training you gave at Camden. I found the training to be very insightful and covered all areas of development I felt I required at time.

Many Thanks,

Sarah Coakley
Social Worker
Childrens Safeguarding and Social Work
Supporting People
London Borough of Camden

I would like to say that the child development training you delivered exceeded my expectations and was better than I had expected. Your wealth of knowledge was breath-taking.

Many thanks,

Tiziana Brown
London Borough of Camden

Emotional Abuse and Neglect
Southwark: March 2019

Dear Rahana,

Thank you for the training day on Tuesday, which was great. I really appreciated how you demonstrated throughout how to stay focused on key concepts and findings, simplify these and convey them in direct work. You role modelled how we can help parents understand and learn within a partnership approach extremely well. I also gained a lot from seeing you set boundaries, and share a lot of knowledge in a confident, clear but non-patronising manner. Thank you.

Best wishes
Nika Dorrer
Social Worker, Southwark Children's Services, Safeguarding and Family Support, Sumner House, Sumner Road , London SE15 5QS

Safeguarding Level 2
Croydon SCB: February 2019

Thank you for delivering such a powerful and meaningful training, you were amazing to listen to and adapt to everyone's learning style.

Tamara Dako

Attachment, Trauma and Loss
Greenwich SCB: January 2019

Thank you so much for the fabulous training day at the Woolwich centre. It was so interesting, well delivered, and helpful in thinking about application within a family setting. I would love to receive the slides if possible, and any information on further training you might offer, I really enjoyed your style of teaching.

Stacey Kavanagh

Engaging with hard tor each families
Greenwich SCB: February 2019

I just wanted to thank you again for the safeguarding course yesterday, the information was really useful and relevant and the resources were great; I think the strategies you suggested would really support some of the parent meetings that we have here, so thank you.

Nikki Guy

Designated Leads Training
Lewisham SCB: 2019

Thank you so much for yesterday's training; it is definitely one of the best I have been on for some time, with lots of really useful practical tools to bring into my day to day work!

Liz Turner
Family Support Worker
Alderwood Primary School
Rainham Close, Eltham, London SE9 2JB

Safeguarding Level 3
Croydon: 2019

Thank you for a fantastic level 3 training – one of the best I have been to – very easily explained and you kept our interest right until the end as I know afternoon sessions get harder as the day goes on.

Many thanks
Maria Williams
Specialist Perinatal Nurse
Croydon Perinatal Team
Larkbarrow House
Bethlem Royal Hospital
BR3 3bx

Social Worker Registered with HCPC

I was going through some old CPD certificates today, and found one for a basic child protection course that you did in Bromley in September 2010.

I wanted to let you know that this was one of the most useful and valuable courses I have ever done.

It was on this course that I learned the concept of the exaggeration of hierarchy; this is such a powerful concept and such an obvious phenomenon once one is aware of it; I'm staggered that I did not come across it during my social work training. Since the course you delivered, I have pointed out the phenomenon - or its possibility - time after time with both supervisees and colleagues - and of course been on my guard that I don't succumb to it myself. I hope that your consultancy is going well. Please feel free to use my feedback in your publicity should you wish.

Kind regards,
Elizabeth Guyatt

Greenwich Safeguarding Children Board

To whom it may concern,

RE: Rahana Hussain,

Rahana has been delivering training for the Greenwich Safeguarding Children Board for over three years. She was recommended to us by another LSCB. Rahana is a very experienced and knowledgeable trainer. Her training sessions are well prepared, interactive and well received by participants. We always receive positive feedback from those who attend training sessions delivered by Rahana. Her delivery style is engaging and inclusive. She is also able to work with diverse groups and practitioners from a range of professional backgrounds.

Here are some quotes from those who attended training delivered by Rahana:

  • There was a lot to go through in one day. But Rahana delivered it well and it didn’t feel too rushed.
  • Excellent delivery! Extremely knowledgeable. A lot covered in short space of time but inspires further research.
  • Amazing trainer able to engage & motivate the group. Showed different methods & angles of looking & listening in difficult situations
  • Absolutely brilliant, Very good open dynamics and if anything, it was just too short. Good presentation of info in a variety of ways
  • Brilliant Trainer! Insightful & very experienced. Would definitely access further training by her. Rahana was very good at keeping us proactive with group work & discussions. Great delivery - relaxed, informative & very clear. I really want to attend more courses with Rahana as facilitator. Rahana knows her stuff.

If you would like more information then please contact me using the details below.


Dan (August 2016)

Dan Timariu, GSCB Manager, Greenwich Safeguarding Children Board
02089215383, 02089214448, 1st Floor, The Woolwich Centre, 35 Wellington Street, London SE18 6HQ. www.greenwichsafeguardingchildren.org.uk

Reading Borough Council

Reading Borough Council have used Rahana Hussain to deliver an Advanced Assessment & Analysis course for about 4 years now. The training has always been really well received by the staff who attend, often with such feedback as "it's the best course I've been on". I have always found Rahana to be very helpful and flexible in her approach to training adapting what she delivers to fit our needs.

I would have no hesitation to recommend her to others.

I hope this helps bit if you have any specific questions you would like me to answer please feel free to email me.

Linda Grover
Learning & Workforce Development Officer
Reading Borough Council
Floor 1, Civic Offices, Bridge Street, Reading RG1 2LU

Aishah B
21 February 2014

Hi Rahana,
"Just wanted to say again how great the training on attachment and loss was. I have bought most of the books you recommended. Really looking forward to reading the slides you send me. Once again can I just say how much you inspired and motivated me to read more books to develop my knowledge. Hope to see you in training again."

East Coast Authority Social Care
Direct work and communication with children and young People. 11 March 2014

  • I thought this training was fantastic. It was nice to be in a training session where we are constantly challenged. The training was very much focused.
  • I liked the structure and organisation of the session. Trainer was very engaging and I learnt things with ease.
  • Lots of ideas; interactive and fun.
  • Very knowledgeable and loved the tools.
  • Trainer was excellent and very interactive. It was helpful to experience the techniques and learnt how to facilitate.
  • An excellent course – executed so well. I learnt so much thank you.
  • There was a wealth of info and tools which can be used by the team.

South London Authority
Safeguarding training for Managers and Designated Persons. 10 March 2014

  • Trainer was excellent and packed a lot of information into the day and really posed questions/issues to make one think and constantly review one’s own practice.
  • Rahana’s delivery and course content are of the highest order. She delivers a difficult and sensitive subject in a provocative yet thoughtful way enhancing the learning for us.
  • An excellent reminder about what we should be doing and how to do it. Good and interesting presentation.
  • Venue too hot but quality of the training was excellent.
  • Clear and interactive. Thank you.
  • Brilliant trainer – held my attention all day considering the room was stuffy.
  • This was an excellent refresher. Very well presented.
  • Extremely useful. Practical and a great reminder of relevant issues.
  • Good mix of listening and discussion.
  • As always – best trainer in safeguarding. Thank you for making me think again. The child has to be the focus!

South London Authority SCB
Gp C(4/5) Safeguarding. 4-5 March 2014

  • “Very good course. Always lovely to have Rahana as a trainer. Her knowledge is inspiring. Thank-you very much.
  • Despite being on the wrong course, I still got a lot from this training and was able to refresh my knowledge base. The references to resources were particularly useful.
  • Thank-you for an informative filled 2 days with plenty of time to talk and share.
  • An excellent course – thought provoking. Lots of useful information sources.
  • Informative, practical, well delivered and interesting”.

I M Vassallo
Headteacher St Mary’s Catholic School, Beckenham. January 2014

“Dear Rahana,
Thank you for a very informative and engaging day and for the slides.”

M Friedberg
ISCB development manager. December 2013

Hi Rahana,
… I'll keep in touch. You're so great to work with.

Carol Wotton
Hayes School, Bromley. June 2013

Dear Rahana,
This is just to say a massive thank you for delivering your session this morning. Everyone I have spoken to about it has been really enthusiastic about it and lots of people have complimented your engaging style and lively delivery, which enabled the communication of serious and challenging content in a way which made us think and gave us a chance to discuss things – a really valuable and important part of the learning process for us. This message has just popped up while I’ve been writing this email:

Like everyone else I’m sure, I have attended A LOT of Child Safeguarding talks/seminars. This morning’s was streets ahead of everything else I had to endure and I actually came for the first time away thinking, “I’ve learnt something new” (I studied child abuse at uni). Thank you! Most of the other comments I’ve received echo this!

It certainly makes previous CP training we’ve had pale in comparison and was really refreshing to have someone able to deliver the difficult content in an interesting way.

South London Authority
3 day course for the role of the Social Worker, January 2013

“I just thought I would let you know that I have read through the evaluations that the delegates completed regarding the above training and they all highly praise Rahana’s training, knowledge and delivery. One stated that every social worker and manager should attend and one stated the most useful area of learning was “gaining the confidence to use child development in sessions with parents and in assessments – please approach Goldsmiths University”.

West London SCB
‘Working Together’. July 2011

  • Very helpful and thought provoking
  • Very well delivered and informative
  • This was a refresher course for me
  • Very interesting, informative, very good, thorough trainer, useful and relevant
  • Very much enjoyed the course, found trainer knowledgeable

North London
Serious Case Reviews. May 2011

1. To what extent did the training course meet your learning objectives?

  • Engaging, focused, interesting
  • Very good
  • Good illustrations

2. Has the course helped your awareness (recognition, what to do) of the subject area?
If so, please say what areas.

  • Yes, it has helped me to look at my role and see that although I am aware of the discussed topic I can benefit from further training.
  • Try not to make assumptions about a family. Be aware of my own prejudices and beliefs and how they could affect assessment situation.
  • Yes, I realise the importance of focusing on the child- not having tunnel vision.
  • Yes- importance of continual questioning and being open minded.
  • I already had a fair bit of knowledge but the delivery style and context has useful re: statistics and findings from previous SCR’s.
  • Excellent session.
  • Good seminar. Interesting insight and overview especially on messages learnt in serious case reviews.
  • An informative, well paced and delivered session.
  • Excellent use of 2 hours.
  • Excellent trainers. Very enjoyable and easy to take on board information.
  • Brilliant trainer.
  • Excellent training - would have liked a full day and more time for discussions on areas.
  • Good presentation style.

K Smith
January 2010

“The course was fantastic a really good refresher of attachment theory and child development."

J Dougan
July 2009

“ … I wanted to feedback directly to you regarding the LSCB working together course. It was without doubt the best CP training I have ever attended. Rahana Hussain was an outstanding facilitator, knowledgable, clear, inspiring and with a sense of humour!! I did indicate this on my evaluation but wanted to you to know directly. If you are likely to be using her again I would be very interested in attending any further training she may run. Thanks again. Jill.”

Working Together. June 2009

Hello Rahana,
Thanks so much for the training last week, it was by far the best CP training I have had - the whole team are feeling the same way. I hope our paths cross again sometime, you must keep me posted on othertrainings that you are doing this year.

Thanks for the references and recommendations, there is nothing worse than investing in books to find out that they are not that helpful ... such a disappointment! P Magee (Camhs).

South London Authority SC
May 2007

“…Child Protection training yesterday at the Civic with R Hussain. Can I just say I found the training the most interesting Child Protection training I have ever been on. The trainer was absolutely excellent, very knowledgeable and had loads of energy. Fantastic!! Thanks J Scott.

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